Natalie is a 1953 graduate of Hunter College in New York.

She double majored in biology and physiology.

Natalie at graduation from Hunter College
Natalie at the MGH lab
Natalie supported herself while studying at the Conservatory by working at Massachusetts General Hospital
Research assistant

After graduation Natalie's first job was at Masschusetts General Hospital. Natalie worked first in the children's department, then in the laboratory doing research for Dr. Nardi. They measured tripsine (a pancreatic hormone) in blood. But, oh -- how she wanted to sing and study music!

mystery music hall

When she was accepted into the Conservatory, she worked in the mornings at Massachusetts General Hospital, then was off to the Conservatory for the rest of the day.

Dr. Nardi let Natalie take summers off. One summer she answered a notice posted at MIT looking for some students that might like to do some traveling. She and a group of MIT PhD students spent the summer on a road trip across the country. There were four of them, a Brit named Philip and two American young men--she was the only girl. They visited National Parks such as Yellowstone, camped and cooked meals outside over a fire.

Another summer she organized a trip to Canada with several others.

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