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Natalie's ''gold mine'' was high pianissimo; her distinctive facet of singing.

It was something people would notice.

Natalie singing

Natalie studied at the New England Conservatory of Music for 3 years. She was a voice major and had to audition to be accepted into the school.
Natalie won a scholarship to study there.

"We will make a piece. We will work on it until it is finished from every angle." Professor Victor Chodsky, Russian baritone opera singer.

Professor Chodsky was the coach for the Russian programs at the New England Conservatory of Music.
Intonation + color + expression = multi-faceted. Sound that is colorful.

Natalie dressed for performance Natalie spent a lot of time at Jordon Hall involved with student recitals. She stayed for most of them. She loved being there so much that often she skipped meals.

Her accompianist was a girl named Euta -- a black girl, a student of piano.

Getting ready for concerts was very enjoyable. She always wore a long dress.

Natalie also sang with the MIT Choral Society.

After three years of study, she was thinking to record an album of Russian songs before she got married. Sadly, after she got married the album was never recorded.

Natalie married in 1960, one semester short of graduation from the Conservatory. She doesn't regret any of the time she spent there. It was among the most enjoyable times of her life.

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Natalie's favorite composer is Mozart

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